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October 18, 2022

Halloween Ends

2022 / David Gordon Green / Peacock / R

Quick Thoughts
  • That's one way to start a film… no wonder I've heard bad things.

  • That's not Mike…

  • This guy has the worst luck.

  • Like a true mechanic, he never fixed her car.

  • What’s the deal with this DJ?

Alright, it’s time to discuss what happened in Halloween Ends. It’s important to know that I do not consider myself a Halloween fan, despite watching every single film last November. Halloween 2018 intended to ignore the sequels to the original film, yet Halloween Ends pays homage to those sequels, which I actually enjoy. Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Meyers is my favorite, so that might give you some insight into why I actually like Halloween Ends.

Killing a child in the first few minutes of your film is quite distasteful, and it’s an easy way to lose watchers. David Gordon Green doesn’t hold his punches with Halloween Ends, and I appreciate that. In Halloween 2018 we witnessed Laurie who was still quite traumatized from the horrors that broke out 40 years ago. Ends takes place four years after the events of 2018, and Laurie is a completely different person. This is a problem for many Halloween fans, but I like this version of Laurie strode, I know it doesn’t make much sense, but I like seeing that character at least attempt a normal life.

We follow Corey (played by Rohan Campbell) for a good portion of the film. Corey is the babysitter of the dead kid, and his performance is spectacular. The kills are few and far between compared to Halloween 2018, and Halloween Kills (which I also enjoyed). The kills are memorable though, and some of them are downright fun. I wish this film could kick-start another trilogy and finally leave Mike in the past. Maybe I feel that way because of the way this film depicts him, which is actually quite pathetic.

This film eventually results in the usual showdown we’ve seen in every film, and although the outcome is different, the stakes do not exist. The reason the stakes do not exist is that this is David Gordon Green’s last Halloween film, meaning that the next director will just bring Mike back again and we will start at square one. Halloween Ends is a vehicle for another film that really could have had legs of its own, I’m disappointed, and maybe for some of the same reasons Halloween fans are.

So David Gordon Green's Halloween trilogy is all wrapped up. Did you enjoy it?

  • Not at all.

  • Mostly.

  • 50/50


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