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October 16, 2022

Werewolf By Night

2022 / Michael Giacchino / Disney+ / TV-14


Quick Thoughts

  • The best thing that the MCU has done in a long time.

  • Black and white classes this movie up.

  • The actor playing Elsa Bloodstone plays a pretty good Jessica Jones.

  • Corpse contraption, rad.

  • Strobe light shadow transformation is cheap and effective.

  • The door shutting slowly scene, muah, chef’s kiss.

I know, I know. We are all burned out on superheroes, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe's formula. It goes like this: An unlikely hero gains abilities, encounters some kind of baddy/rival, is beaten, reconciles, and then wins the day, hooray! Werewolf By Night is not that, and I wish I could convince everyone that will ignore this post.

Gale Garcia Bernal (who is the voice of Hector in Coco btw) plays Jack, a man who enters into a hunt for monsters. The prize at the end of this hunt is every monster hunter’s wet dream, the Bloodstone, which grants the wearer the ability to tame said monsters... or something to that effect. We, as viewers, are dropped into this scenario immediately. This film doesn’t hold your hand and try to explain every origin of every character, or even delve into exactly what the bloodstone is capable of, it just unfurls before us.

The director had already won me over with the preview of this film. It's in black and white except for the bloodstone, which shines red across the screen, which is a magical effect. There’s blood and dismemberment in this, which is so far from the MCU norm. This is Mr. Giacchino’s directorial debut. He’s also responsible for the soundtrack of this film and about a hundred and fifty other properties, many of them being Disney films. If you’re over the MCU stuff, I think that you should give this one a shot. It’s different, fresh, and hey, it’s only an hour long.

Without context, what's this lady's problem?

  • She lost the pig-calling contest.

  • The cashier is the manager.


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