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October 17, 2022

Significant Other

2022 / Dan Berk, Robert Oleson / Paramount+ / R


Quick Thoughts
  • Worst camping trip ever.

  • Some of the dialogue is phoned in, and some of it is heartfelt.

  • Dude, mixed signals... from both sides.

  • Stop pointing that finger.

Significant Other is an astounding relationship thriller, that wears the guise of a sci-fi horror film. A couple sets off into the wilderness for a weekend of backpacking and lovemaking. Along the way, Harry, who’s played expertly by Jake Lacy, proposes. Ruth is played by Maika Monroe, who also is able to show off her acting chops.

We’re shown from the beginning of the film that there is a sci-fi element, so it comes as no surprise once it turns up again, but what this film strives to do is set your expectations, and then twist them. I can’t say any more about that without ruining the surprise. There are kills though, some that will harken back to Terminator 2. Why we don’t see more of this “ability” in horror is mindboggling. The effects are fine, they’re not great, but they do the job.

I spoke about the acting, but the characters had me furrowing my brow, and clutching my fist. I felt for them, and the unsteadiness of their relationship. What makes turmoil more powerful is the tension built with long scenic shots, and the quietness of the forest, which is all very purposeful of the directors. This film is going to be forgotten fairly quickly, but it’s a good watch if you want to have a drink and enjoy the company of your significant other.

You find your relationship falling apart while backpacking through the woods. Do you...

  • a) Get out of the forest together ASAP.

  • b) Stick it out, maybe she'll change her mind.


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