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This blog is not my first attempt at putting myself out into the world. Artists and writers will understand when I say that I create for myself. Letting our inner turmoil out onto the page has always allowed us peace, and after it's done we end up with something. It can be ugly something like a fridge that hasn't been cleaned out and now the mildew and the rot have taken over. Other times, it can be a gorgeous something that shines like a sleek muscle car. Neither the fridge nor the muscle car is able to be what they are without us. The fridge needed filling, the car needed waxing.

I spent some time at PCC between 2012 and 2017 and then transferred to Marylhurst to get my BA in creative writing. The following year Marylhurst closed, and I was left searching for what I would do next. I didn't make it back to college but instead had a baby. In between making bottles and working full-time as a sign maker I write and consume movies, comic books, and novels.  I promise you that here, at Jake's Take, you will experience all that I have rattling around in this not-so-empty head, and I hope you find it half as interesting as I do.

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