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October 15, 2022

Hocus Pocus 2

2022 / Anne Fletcher / Disney+ / PG


Quick Thoughts

  • Where's Thora Birch?

  • So the baddies are the protagonists?

  • Seeing the zombie man made me quite happy.

  • The amount of "ads" in this movie is gross.

Alright, so after a film like Terrifier you’ve got to purge your brain, and Hocus Pocus 2 is just the trick. The original Hocus Pocus is a holiday staple for many of us. It’s a great movie for children and it entertains adults, but can the same be said for its sequel? Well no, and here’s why.

This sequel to the 1993 classic feels like that Advance Autoparts Diehard Battery commercial. And by that, I mean that it feels like an attention grabber. I don’t want to point fingers and say that the hard-working men and women at Disney+ weren’t trying to be genuine. I do feel like their intentions were to bring about that Halloween wonder that the original film captured so well, but instead we watched the Sanderson Sisters take a tour of Walgreens. Sarah flies on a Swiffer… Comical, but oh so bad. It’s true, we live in a capitalist nation, and the ’90s were extremely flamboyant, so maybe all of this makes some sort of sense.

Thora Birch was in the talks to be in this film. She was going to be a teacher and someone the girls go to for advice, yet that fell through. Instead, we follow three teenage girls as they discover their witchy powers… Haven’t seen that before… If you want to see the Sanderson Sisters, of which each actor falls right back into the role, then this film will be mildly entertaining. They are a hoot, but they also own the screen time, so I hope you wanted a Sanderson Sisters movie. I hope one day I can forgive this movie for phoning it in so hard.

Which Sanderson Sister would you kill first?

  • Winifred

  • Mary

  • Sarah


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