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October 3, 2022


2018 / Gareth Evans / Netflix / Dan Stevens


Quick Thoughts

  • Slow as fuck intro.

  • Dope fight choreography.

  • Dan Stevens.

  • Once it picks up it really picks up.

This is not a witch-hunt film.

I repeat this is not a witch-hunt film.

Yeehaa, if this isn’t my type of film. I turned this movie on ages ago because I saw that it stars Dan Stevens, who is my boi thanks to Legion, a show that was on FOX. I had been sick or something and I fell asleep within the first 10 minutes. After that experience, I wrote this film off. It seemed slow and vague, and I ain't got time for that. We were about to watch The Mortuary Collection on Shudder, but my fiance wanted to watch this… listen to your women, fellas.

We are introduced to Dan Stevens's character, Thomas, who sets out to find his sister on an island of Welsh cultists. The year is 1905. That’s all you really need to know, the film makes it more complicated, and hard to follow than it needs to. There’s some good backstory that can’t really be missed once you’re a half hour into the film, which the intro touches on, but it feels disorienting at first. What follows is outright gore and chaos. The fight scenes are tense, the Saw-like contraptions are downright sickening, and the overall concept is pulled straight from folklore.

I don’t want to spoil too much here, just know that the ending pays off and that the imagery in this film is a spectacle on its own. I haven't been that enthralled by a film in a while so I’ll be giving it another watch sooner rather than later.

Would you travel to a secluded island of cultists to save your siblings?

  • Yes, of course, I love them.

  • ... Maybe.


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