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October 1, 2022

The House of

the Devil

2009 / Ti West / Shudder / Jocelin Donahue

Quick Thoughts

  • This paired with Satanic Panic would make a great double feature.

  • Spend time with your protagonist.

  • Let shots be slow and moody.

  • Ti West loves a sudden gunshot death.

To kick off October with a literal bang, we watched The House of the Devil. This is director Ti West’s third film since he started directing. These days we know Ti West as the director of films such as X and the prequel to X, Pearl.

I wouldn’t call myself a Ti West die-hard but I would go as far as to say that he’s won me over. The House of the Devil is an atmospheric, and moody film that captures the tone of an early 80s slasher. We spend a lot of the film getting to know our protagonist intimately, so much so in fact that when the film ramps up it’s almost hard to watch.

Samantha is a college student hard up for money so she decides to take on a babysitting gig. Easy right? Well, what if there’s no baby to watch? And what if the whole thing is a ruse to get her alone on the night of a full moon eclipse? Gunshots and gore ensue.

By the end of this film, I was holding my breath. Will this ever get a sequel? I doubt it, but goddamn do I wanna find out what’s going to happen to that poor dear Samantha.

Would you be sacrificed for $400?

  • Hell yeah, let's get this over with!

  • No, I think I'll sit out on this one.


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