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October 2, 2022


2018 / Daniel Goldhaber / Netflix / Madeline Brewer


Quick Thoughts

  • Vibrotron?

  • Desperate men.

  • The movie literally ends where it started.

  • Loose plot threads.

Internet ghosts are here to haunt and murder our protagonist Alice. Alice is a phony self-harming cam girl-- or something in that regard. The plot of this film is quite round, meaning that we follow Alice from the height of her cam girl career all the way to the low… and back?

I really don’t want to shit on anyone’s creations, or visions. So here’s what was good about the experience:

  1. Nudity, that’s always fun.

  2. An interesting look into the camming culture, I guess?

  3. An awesome opposing mirror with an opposing camera effect. This just looks so cool that it can’t be ignored. I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole film was made just for this scene.

I had a hard time with this film. The closure is the biggest issue here. There were so many loose threads and unneeded characters. By the end of the film, the plot comes full circle which is supposed to make a well-rounded story, but in this case, it simply leads the protagonist back to the beginning. Maybe there’s some lesson that she learned that I didn't catch on to, but ugh… The characters are all so miserable and helpless as well. I wouldn’t place this into the horror category either. CAM is more of a suspenseful drama, and that’s okay, but I went into it with the wrong mindset, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Are internet ghosts scary?

  • Yes, I would shit bricks.

  • Nah, I eat slendermen for breakfast.


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