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The Block Island Sound

2020 / Kevin Mcmanus, Matthew Mcmanus / Netflix / TV-MA


"Should I check this one out, or should I ditch this film?" READ ON!

Quick Rundown of The Block Island Sound

Harry's father is acting funny, and although Harry is aware, he doesn't think it's anything more than some kind of mental illness. To cope with the pressure felt at home and from his visiting sisters, Harry spends his time drinking with his buddies at the local bar, discrediting their conspiracy theories. After his father's passing and the unusual behavior of the wildlife, Harry begins to question if his friends are as wrong as he had first thought.

the block island sound

The Creators

Chris plays Harry. His career began in 2002 when he was cast as the snow-covered catcher in Disney's The Rookie. Michaela McManus has many sitcom roles. I recognize her as Natalie Engler, Joe's initial love interest in season 3 of You. Both Michaela and Chris nail their performances, but Neville Archambault is the real highlight of this film. Neville is haunting and his airhorn like tones will stick with you even after the credits roll. He has previously starred in a pair of films called 13 Cameras, and 14 Cameras, where he plays a stalker landlord. The Block Island Sound is written and directed by the McManus brothers duo, and yes, you've got it, they gave their sister a starring role. Besides this film they've written and produced episodes of the show Cobra Kai.

the block island sound

Jake's Take


This is a slow and moody film filled with imagery and ideas that aren't particularly terrifying, but the film doesn't necessarily set out to terrify. The Block Island Sound begs you to ask questions regarding humanities place in the universe. Is removing a fish from the sea for research purposes truly an act of harmlessness? I appreciate the film for its message, but I wish it left the answers more nuance. I would have liked an ending to this film where I was able to question the protagonists trust-worthiness. The McManus brothers could have depicted more delusions, which were the most notable parts of the film to me. These delusions are where Neville's character demands groceries, dog, and most hauntingly, girl. The parasitic aspect also peaked my interest, but unfortunately never came to fruition, it was an artifice to keep us from believing Harry's friends, because the film tells you what's going on within minutes of beginning. This is somewhat of an independent Netflix mainstay, and perhaps this is because of the way the mystery unfolds. The Block Island Sound is worth a watch since nearly everyone has Netflix, but if you don't pay for that service than I wouldn't go out of my way for this film.

If a bunch of dead birds showed up on your doorstep what would you chalk it up to?

  • They should have wore masks. Covid-19 still exists.

  • Pea-brains forgot how to fly. It's the Flappening.

  • The cellular waves, man. 5G is giving our ducks cancer.


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