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October 30, 2022


2022 / Jordan Peele / Peacock / R


Quick Thoughts
  • I'll forever be terrified of catching a quarter to the dome that fell from a plane.

  • Is this show real... no, Gordy's Home! is not real. Lol.

  • Jupe really let those people do it in there, eww, what psychopaths.

  • Watch out for them clouds.

  • These horses are smartening up, man.

  • We needed 'Raining Blood' to play.

Jordan Peele has once again proven his cinematic prowess with his third horror film Nope. I found this film to be an exciting romp into what makes a spectacle, and how that can be dangerous for those who can't look away. Since this trailer dropped I've heard mixed reviews. Some people really dig what Peele has done with his first sci-fi endeavor, meanwhile, others are worried that Peele's career path will fall into the same rut M. Night Shyamalan has created. With this sentiment, I disagree.

Daniel Kaluuya plays OJ Haywood, a horse breeder/wrangler whose family is known for participating in Hollywood productions that need horses. His sister, Emerald, played by Keke Palmer, is the spokesperson behind the family business. After a freak accident involving coins and other metal projectiles falling from the sky, the brother and sister find themselves fatherless as something looms over the ranch.

The performances in this film are spectacular, each actor makes their character believable, and keeps the viewers invested. OJ is stoic, but he's the heart of the family. Emerald is loud, making her the voice. They are joined by an IT guy known as Angel, whose played by Brandon Perea, his role is that of the neurotic comedian. Brandon reminds me of Dace Franco with his wit and charm. Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) plays Jupe the neighboring child actor turned amusement park owner. Jupe is easily the most complex character in the film, and Jordan Peele sprinkles his story throughout the film resulting in a great balance of tone and atmosphere.

Peele's sense of cinematography is awe-inspiring. There are long looming shots that get paired with quick flashy movements. The score keeps the pace like the rattle of snares on a drum. What makes this film for me personally, is not the climax or the victory, but rather the character development. Oj is someone to appreciate. A man of few words, unsure of his actions/choices. Once the credits roll it can be seen that Oj has fulfilled his father's legacy, and with that his every objective is completed with diligence and intent.

The rest of the cast of your hit sitcom has just been murdered brutally by a chimp. Do you...

  • Carry on. Who needs em? I'm the star of this production.

  • Become homies with the chimp, feed him Doritos and Mtn. Dew.


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