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October 7, 2022


2018 / Steven Soderbergh / HULU / Claire Foy


Quick Thoughts

  • Are psychiatric hospitals even real?

  • "Don't make a scene." One scene later…

  • Rain check on a blow job.

  • Dynamic Cinematography.

Unsane is a psychological horror film that uses camera and lighting to depict highly intense scenes of devious and harrowing interactions. Sawyer Valentini, played by Claire Foy, is a typical nine-to-fiver who left her hometown to live in the city. Sawyer is having a hard time escaping her past though, fearing that her stalker is around every corner. She becomes numb to her surroundings, all while practicing techniques and tactics to ensure her safety.

The premise is one that has been done by other films, especially in the last decade. But what Unsane does that is different is that upon searching for a therapist Sawyer is committed to a mental institute against her will. The film then plays with your expectations. Is the man handing out the medication really her stalker, or is she losing her marbles?

Okay, upon looking more into this film, my mind has just been blown. I recognized the name Steven Soderbergh, the director of this film, but he’s also the director of many films that I’m sure you’ve seen and some you probably love. The way this film is shot is very up close and personal. The quality also feels lacking, and this is all because… The film was shot in 10 days on an iPhone 7. Check it out. Does it top a film like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Well no, but it’s goddamn impressive for what it is.

What's the better name for a mental institution?

  • Loved and Unalike

  • Sane George's Home for Peculiar People


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