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October 6, 2022

The Texas



1974 / Tobe Hooper / Shudder / Marylin Burns

Quick Thoughts

  • What happens to the redheaded guy at the gas station?

  • Oh, Franklin. Everything about him bugs me.

  • Visiting their old childhood home. Never caught that before.

  • The ice chest is the best kill of the movie.

  • The camera work is intimate. Especially as the film narrows toward the end.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is among the best films in American history. Everything is exactly as it should be. This film needs to be seen by every film student no matter their preferred genre. What this film offers is raw; from the acting to the directing, and script writing. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the film that made me want to create this blog and share my perspective because films like this cannot be surpassed by the next generation of moviegoers.

I first saw The Texas Chainsaw Massacre last year. My Uncle has always been a horror buff, so I knew of it, or I had a general idea. I had seen the 2003 version and the other sequels as well so was I really missing out?… Boy, I was missing out. I’ve never heard the term bitch hog before or since.

It says it in the name, right? Wrong. Only one of the victims dies by chainsaw, his name is Franklin and it’s so satisfying to watch him go. This film is also notorious for showing minimal amounts of blood, which every sequel leans so far away from. There’s a comparison between humans and cattle that resonates throughout the film, which the younger generation felt, and could relate to, especially after something like the Kent State shooting. The cultural impact of films like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre cannot be ignored and as time goes on it is essential to realize when these films show up on the scene and what aspect of society and politics they are commenting on. I will one day go more in-depth on the importance of this film on my blog, but right now I just can’t express in under 300 words, what this film means to the world.

You approach a house, it's quiet, perhaps deserted, but your dumb friends might be inside. Do you enter?

  • Yes, I've always wondered how sharp a meat hook can be.

  • Hasta la vista, baby


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