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October 4, 2022

The Taking of



2014 / Adam Robitel / Shudder / Jill Larson


Quick Thoughts

  • Raking leaves in the forest, that's normal.

  • Bedroom cam, really?

  • Escalates fucking quick, man.

  • Spade.

  • You just throw paintings on the floor, guy? This dude just desecrates people's art.

Alzheimer's disease is completely terrifying on its own merit. My great-grandmother passed away due to Alzheimer's, and although I was too young to remember my Dad had to experience that loss. He has always spoken of her so lovingly, and in every story that starts with them baking in the kitchen, there is an edge of sorrow. Something about losing your memories, and reverting to childlike inhibitions makes my skin crawl, and it makes me realize, once again, that there are meanings behind these words I write.

The Taking of Deborah Logan is a found footage film. The interviewer is doing a thesis paper on Alzheimer’s disease, and along with her are a cameraman and a sound technician. Although Deborah, played by Jill Larson, is skeptical of the documentary she’s in a tough situation, and the money that the student has promised Deborah and her daughter would really help. As the film progresses we witness the degeneration of Deborah's psyche, and the reaction from her daughter, neighbor, and the documentary team.

This film has a lot to offer. They made the right decision by making this a found footage film, because that puts it up against some other really great contenders in that subgenre, but also cuts down on Exorcist parallels (and they’re there). The Taking of Deborah Logan is a unique film that blends real-life horrors with the occult. This film is probably known best for a scene near the end when a woman unhinges her jaw -- if I say anymore then I’ll spoil it.

At what point do you give up on your college thesis?

  • Once the nice lady tries to pull her own esophagus out.

  • Never, 10 cancer kids could die and I'll carry on.


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