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October 19, 2022

The Monster Squad

1987 / Fred Dekker / Paramount + / PG-13


Quick Thoughts
  • They are throwing around the word f***** a lot, damn.

  • I love how the pilot insists he has to see what’s rattling around in the plane… Like everything is rattling, dude.

  • These kids are absolutely relentless.

  • Where’s the Invisible Man?

  • I wish I had a Frankstein…

The Monster Squad is one of those films that everyone talks about, but if you’re not born in the era that it permeates then you’ll most likely miss it. This is a perfect Halloween film to watch with the family. A group of boys follows the instruction from Van Helsing’s diary to identify the presence of monsters in their hometown. Frankenstein befriends the boys rather than taking sides with Dracula, which makes for some memorable fun.

This film scratches an itch. If you’re looking for an 80’s classic that feels like "The Goonies", then this is it. If you love the Universal monster films, then this is a great family-friendly rendition of all of those characters. The Mummy is brought to life at a museum, the Wolfman turns up at a police station warning them of the full moon, and the Swamp Monster is… well in the swamp, duh. Not to mention the most vital monsters of the crew; Dracula and Frankenstein… technically he’s Frankenstein’s monster, but you get it.

There’s some harsh language throughout this film so be aware of that. There’s also some mild family drama. The man behind the special effects is Stan Winston, the same man that did the effects for Jurassic Park, Terminator, and many, many more. With that being the case the effects are topnotch and spectacular to watch. All of the characters have charm, especially when you take into account how quotable they are. You can find a classic qoute below. Enjoy!


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