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October 1, 2021

The Craft

1996 / Andrew Fleming / Not Streaming / R


Quick Thoughts

  • Fairuza Balk is fantastic.

  • Goddamn were the '90s something.

  • I never knew how much this film would impact my blog.

  • The sequel is such a letdown.

Neither my fiancé nor I had seen Andrew Fleming’s The Craft before, but I know it has acquired quite a following since its release in 1996. From those I have talked with about this film it seems to be a girlfriend’s favorite or their older sister went through a witching faze. The '90s are imprinted upon everything in this film, starting with the fashion that can be seen around the school campus and the lingo used. Nostalgia has been and will probably continue to be a cash cow for Hollywood. There are more than a handful of apps allowing us to find that VHS that we watched till it was worn out. Many of these movies have aged like wine, while others have aged like dairy. The Craft is somewhere in between.

The camaraderie between the girls is something I’m jealous of as the movie rolls on. The group of girls, led by the striking Nancy (Fairuza Balk) wants, or perhaps needs, to find their fourth girl for their “powers” to come to fruition, but Nancy is hesitant to allow the new girl, Sarah (Robin Tunney), into their group. Quickly, Sarah earns their respect and shows Nancy and the group that she is a natural witch. The girls become inseparable. For many people of this age, this kind of relationship with peers almost seems fleeting, be that because of the opposite sex, jealousy, or social status. Their friendship is glorified, and further intensified by the abilities they gain, such as mind control, illusions, and telekinesis. Horrors start to become apparent though and I think fans of the film, perhaps those who yearn for the kind of connection that these girls had captured, ignore the twist in their fates that leaves these girls struggling for power and ultimately shattered.

The climax is a result of having otherworldly abilities, but still trying to balance relationships. People can relate to the fragmentation of such friendships, but what is more important is to try to avoid our toxic natures. Young girls everywhere will learn something from this film. Hopefully, they understand that you don't have to be as cool as Nancy, but instead nurture their friendships.

What age do you think is appropriate to watch The Craft?

  • Well according to the rating... blah blah blah...

  • Yes.


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