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October 11, 2022

My Best Friend’s Exorcism

2022 / Damon Thomas / Amazon Prime / Elsie Fisher


Quick Thoughts

  • I’ve read the back of this book in the horror section at Powell’s probably a dozen times.

  • Watching girls be mean to each other breaks my heart. Has my Dad mode kicked in already?

  • They really smack you in the face with the 80s with the opening of this film.

  • I want a show about the Lemon Brothers. If any Amazon Prime executives are reading this, please do it.

Grady Hendrix is an author I’ve heard so many good things about. I’ve been meaning to take a trip into his horror-filled worlds, but have yet to do so. Of course, the reviewers claim that this film is terrible and that the book is a billion times better, which I am sure is the case. Coming from someone who doesn’t have experience with his work though, I’m much more intrigued after taking in this film.

A group of girls goes to a cabin in the woods and one of them ends up possessed by a demon. That’s it, that’s the story. Elsie Fisher is the most notable, who plays Abby, or Gabby, who also played Lila in this year's Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Do we have a scream queen on our hands here? Too early to say. Each girl deals with the repercussions but in different sad and occasionally comical ways. I particularly enjoyed every second the Lemon Brothers had screen time. It is obvious that THEY are the personality in this film, and I’m baffled that they don’t play a bigger role. The trailer makes this film look more fun than it is, but I still found value here.

When it comes to My Best Friend’s Exorcism I really don’t see why it’s rated R. The violence is minimal, and drug use is completely irrelevant. This film could have most definitely fallen into a PG-13 bracket where it probably would do better with audiences. It’s not scary, or really that funny, but there’s a style here, and I’m sure that is Grady Hendrix shining through. Watch this one with teenagers, they’ll have fun with it.

My best friend pranks me regularly and teases me for my looks. Should I look into an exorcism?

  • Yes, I'm worried for you and your friend. That is scary.

  • You don't have any friends, loser.


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