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October 10, 2022

Mr. Harrigan's


2022 / John Lee Hancock / Netflix/ Jaeden Martell

Quick Thoughts

  • 2008 called, they want their Razers back.

  • The kid from Metal Lords!

  • The tone of this film makes me think of King's novel Hearts of Atlantis.

  • Book smell is the best smell.

  • There’s something to be said about how King ends his stories… and it ain't great…

Another Stephen King adaptation that is quite loyal to the original. This film is by no means a straight-up horror, hell it’s rated pg-13. Don’t expect violence, jump scares, or gore here. This is just a good coming-of-age tale that has that little bit of a King twist. The plot is simple, yet meaningful. Craig, played by Jaeden Martell (who also starred in It and It 2), takes a job reading for an elderly man, Donald Sutherland, and a bond begins. This bond continues past Mr. Harrigan's death, as Craig receives questionable text messages.

This film reminds me of simpler times, and that’s probably because it takes place in 2008. I would have been about the age of Craig at that time, but there’s something else to "Mr. Harrigan's Phone" that feels familiar… perhaps my Grandfather told me a similar story. Either way, speaking to lost loved ones through any means goes back as far as time. It’s nice to experience this story in a way that is mellow, and relatable. This is the same director of "The Blind Side" so that is the tone you can expect.

I listened to the audiobook of Stephen King’s novel “If It Bleeds” back in 2020, and this was of the most memorable stories there. Jaeden and Donald’s acting is stellar, and their relationship feels genuine. King captures characterization so well that it’s hard to mess it up when adapting it. I would recommend this film if you’re just feeling drained by watching too many “horror” type horror films. Sit down with a cup of cider and enjoy!

Are we Millenials allowed to be nostalgic for the late 2000s yet?

  • No, stop eating tide pods and get a job.

  • Yes, anytime is better than Corona-time.


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