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October 23, 2022


2021 / Rob Savage / Hulu / R

Quick Thoughts
  • How often are we actually watching through a dashcam?

  • I understand all the controversy now!

  • Why does Stretch deal with her?

  • I do actually enjoy the side comments and reactions, every time it went away I was sad.

  • Clocks in at barely 1hr 20min.

Finally, finally, finally, I got to watch Dashcam, one of the most controversial films of 2021. Is the writing good? No. Is the story infuriating? Yes. Is it worth the watch? I think so. This film is a time capsule encompassing so much “content”. Films like this are worth revisiting to re-establish how far we’ve come, for better or worse.

We follow Annie Hardy, a musical streamer of sorts, who is an absolutely bonkers character that quickly becomes irritating to watch. The actor has the same name as her character and I remember people losing their shit over her when this film came out. She’s that friend that one keeps around because of the spontaneous nature she harbors. Thank god she’s a fictional character. The relationship between her and her so-called best friend, Stretch, is nearly impossible. The entertainment in her character is how much fun she pokes at the societal norm of mask-wearing, and vaccing. She wears a MAGA hat and all, and this is meant to trigger the audience. Host director Rob Savage wants you to dislike Annie, and it is done brilliantly.

The reviews of this film are stuck on the fact that Annie is just about the worst person ever, and yes, although I didn’t get vaccinated, I too dislike Annie. What’s being missed with that perspective are the practical effects and CGI which are both executed with perfection. Decent found-footage films are few and far between, and I’m not saying that this goes up against “The Blair Witch Project”, but I do think it deserves some marrot. Keep an eye on the sidebar, from what I’ve read, there’s more to the comments than what first appears.

MAGA, Covid, and BLM. Fuck marry kill, go.

  • Fuck MAGA, Kill Covid, Marry BLM.

  • Fuck Covid, Kill MAGA, Marry BLM


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