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Covid-19 Thanksgiving

I want to begin by saying baby Eloise, my fiancé, Tayler, and I are all okay and are having a speedy recovery. A little more than a week before Thanksgiving I had discovered that a coworker had been diagnosed with Covid-19. This is a situation we’ve all become familiar with now, and with that being the case I wasn’t overly worried about contracting it. The next couple of days rolled around, and I became very aware of some of the symptoms that were beginning to arise. My fiancé was on top of the game and got us an at-home test, the results were negative, I was reassured that everything was fine. The next day I scooped myself up from my mattress and moseyed on into the shop, unaware of the trouble on the horizon.

Tayler called me once ten o'clock came, she wasn’t going to leave the baby with her mom, who suffers from medical conditions of her own. I didn’t blame her for this, and as the day continued I began to notice a tightness in my chest and a creakiness in my bones. I left work early, to have a more official test done. Luckily, it was Friday so that way I could take the weekend to wait for any results. I got the test back in an hour, it was negative again, so maybe I just had a cold or just the standard flu?

Saturday I was made aware that another coworker tested positive. I began to beat myself up, faulting myself for not losing sleep over this, for feeding my baby soup I had cooled off by blowing on it, for kissing my fiancé on the mouth. How could I be so careless, so blind to the dangers of Covid? My head ached like my eyes were going to grow their own bodies behind my skull and hook their hands on the ridge of my sockets and free themselves. I began to get emotional at commercials that usually would have no bearing on me. The father cleans out his office so that his daughter can have her own room, kind of like when I converted my office into a dining area where we could all eat together, all get Covid together.

I was being irrational and I knew it. I ignored the aches, save for the single outburst brought on by plans having to be canceled, I didn’t allow Tayler to know how much I hurt, or the guilt I was entertaining. Eloise began to wake up stuffy in the mornings, so we would take hot showers at five or six, and then lay on the couch waiting for the sun to come up. Those were the good mornings, on the bad mornings I would need more sleep, and soon enough so would Tayler, but the baby was struggling to breathe due to her tiny nasal canals being plugged up by Mr. Mucinex and friends so her cries kept us all on the edge of consciousness.

As I got mostly back to normal Tayler sank further into her Covid Nightmare, and with all of this, Thanksgiving was coming up fast. Moms cried, and Grandmas called. The Dads drank a beer in our honor. We watched football huddled up on the couch with blankets and no shouting, in fact, the tv wasn’t even up very loud. Turkey and stuffing was delivered like an order on Ubereats. An apple pie was baked by yours truly, the single most festive thing done all day, and the worst part is, we can’t share the leftovers.

Usually, the day after Thanksgiving we get a Christmas Tree, but everything has been shifted for us this year. The family checks on us every day too, so believe me when I say that yes we are doing fine. Tayler is beginning to feel better, Eloise is as rambunctious as usual, and I’m back to blogging. I hope that anyone else that is going through the holidays alone due to Covid can stay positive and find purpose in small menial tasks. So this year is Eloise’s first Thanksgiving and I’ll still cool the filling of my apple pie for her, but I’ll hold the crust, it’s a little stiff even for me.

A new format

We're all back to being healthy at this point, and I've decided that I have procrastinated enough on my blog, with that being the case beginning this Friday I'll be posting a prompt, for a film, and then on then the following week I will post my response to the prompt along with next weeks prompt. So on and so forth. I am hoping that with this new format I'll be getting some more interaction from you guys, my readers. For example I may give a prompt like: a comedy horror film released in the last year, and then the following Monday I'll post a quick review on The Wolf of Snow Hollow, and you guys can let me know what you've watched. Lets build a little community!

... And now a word from Eloise







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